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A home should be, first and foremost, a sanctuary. A place where tranquility rules; A place where distraction disappear


Our Philosophy

We believe in working heartily; being concerned with having an intimate acquaintance with building materials, in working them into our architecture. In fact, oftentimes, architecture happens even as one of us becomes thoughtful on the simple matter of the way bricks will be aligned.

Space is no place if it does not kindle sentiments from its dwellers - the experience of ocular frames and angles, with spatial moods constructed from aural and tactile triggers will not be considered in our work methodology

TGD在工作上极为用心, 督促每位员工对于建筑材料的熟识度, 并将其运用在我们的建筑项目中。“差之毫厘, 谬以千里”在建筑学中尤为重要, 即使是一块砖头的摆放位置,也能影响一座建筑的体系结构。

我们坚信人与空间之间的情感, 如果空间的主人不能对空间有任何的情绪反应, 这样的设计及建筑就是失败的。空间因人而存在。

On Our Table

On our working table, we’re not only doing design and work.
We also doing meet up consultation. We’d love to hear from you for enquiries, feedback and simply for a chat at our studio.

Meet up consultation are free and non-onligator quotation will be provided. Quotations are flexible according to the requirements and design.

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The interiors will be timeless, simple yet luxurious. A focus on materials, proportions and detailing give way to expansive views, allowing the glorious surrounding to take centre stage.


Arch / Interior Design
建筑设计 /室内设计

We also provide home styling services for client who seek a complete interior design service; from carpentry proposal to complete home furnishing.

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